The trip from hell

     It was May 2006 as I was waiting impatiently for the journey of my dreams
to start. Sunny, full of positive energy and famous for its beautiful views – Brazil. All my preparations were up-and-running or at least it seemed that way. All
I was craving for were my days-off, during which as I believed I wouldn’t miss my job for a minute. However, if you think that it is the end of the story, I will have
to disappoint you. Finally, all I wanted so much changed into a nightmare.

     At the beginning everything was just perfect. I got up in the morning, had some breakfast and prepared myself to leave. As I am rather a scatter-brained kind
of person, I had everything ready in advance, my passport and tickets included.
So with a smile on my face, I rushed to the airport. And here it all started….

     First, my flight was delayed and I had to spend almost half a day stuck
at the airport, but still thinking about all the good things that were waiting for me on the other side of the pond. And when the plane finally started off I was
in heaven.

     In Brazil a new hope filled  my heart. I felt ready to see the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro. However, I needed to think about the basics first, that is my hotel
and some rest. As to that everything looked perfectly normal. What a release…

    The next day, I forgot about my bad luck and decided to take some stroll over the city. I was sure about one thing: “While in Rio de Janeiro, you need
to remember about choosing the right places”. There was only one problem, I got lost, couldn’t find my way out and the most important, I hadn’t my brand new map with me. When I was looking around, I noticed that someone is following me,
so I had to make my choice fast enough. Unfortunately, with my bad luck,
the choice was a total disaster. There were more and more suspicious folks coming from every direction, so I had no choice but to run. Out of a sudden, it started
to rain. (Now even the weather was against me). When I thought I managed
to escape, I just slipped on the banana skin and fall into a big puddle. Everyone
was laughing and, apart from dignity, I lost all my money and jewellery. I was feeling so helpless and defeated. However when the anger passed, I saw I am not that far away from my hotel. I was safe!!! Somehow, I got back to my hotel room tired and soaked in water.

     Now, after some months, I think it was not that bad – I am alive. I have only one advice for those who wants to visit Brazil: keep up to the safe places and take somebody with you.

© Agnieszka Kin