Happy New Year

I wish to all my readers all the best in the New Year 2013.

Let it be full of love, friendship, happiness, hope  and fulfilled dreams.


New Year


December’s heart

We are not used to treat months, the abstract words, as living creatures.

But if we could simply use our imagination…

What traits of character would it posses?

Would it be warm, kind, sensitive, jolly

… a colourful book of life

Full of beautiful memories, love, friendships, peace, freedom and smile.

Or would it be cold and insensitive as winter itself?

For me, it’s always a personification of something good that lasts in our souls even if long time forgotten.

How your December looks like?

Happy moments

 Daddy do you remember our winter days…

Snow falling, crunchy sound under our feet

I was sitting on the sleigh and you were pulling me.

That was so long ago.

Do you remember our strolls… together

You were always faster than I.

And on Christmas time..

we were decorating the Christams tree… with jolly anticipation.

Now you are no longer here and only memories remained.

So many words unspoken, no happy moments shared, no sorrows divided.

Always too little time for the most important things…

And so much spent on the trifle ones.

Only later we realise there’s any left.

© Agnieszka Kin

Moc słów

Jedno słowo

potrafi otworzyć duszę

 i wydobyć na światło dzienne nasze

marzenia, plany i nadzieje.

A może sekrety, niegodziwości i uprzedzenia.


SŁOWO jest naszym oknem na świat !!!

Jednak w potoku słów tak łatwo nam się zatracić,

zgubić własną drogę,

utracić tożsamość,

zapomnieć kim się jest…

w tym milionie wykreowanych przez nas światów.

Stać się kimś innym,

ukryć się pod maską,

lub tak po prostu…

pozostać nieodgadnionym.

© Agnieszka Kin