human being


human being

full of contradictions

so strong

a real survivor

an achiever

so delicate


get hurt easily…

by somebody’s words,

by somebody’s actions,

by prejudice,

by false accusation,

by injustice

human being

in one moment a winer – feels like a king of the hill

in the other a loser with empty hands

can struggle incessantly for the most valuable things in his life

and fall into despair

made for extraordinary challenges

and capable of the most horrid doings

human being

body and soul

(when the first is weak

the latter can be inconceivably strong)

a powerful MIND

so intelligent, sometimes act foolishly

behaves like a capricious child

human being

full of compassion

and egoism

of love

and hatred

driven by emotions and desires

like a little boat on the furious ocean during a storm

with many people surrounding him

suprisingly alone in the desert of life

that is…

a human being

a sentient being

© Agnieszka Kin


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